CSS Property background-color

The background-color property is employed to line the background color of part. It sets a background color employing a price.

The part also can have one or multiple background pictures set mistreatment background-image property.
The color set with the background-color property is drawn behind any background pictures. If one background image is ready and also the image seems invalid, then the background color are visible.

The background color is clipped in step with the background-clip price related to the bottom-most background image. Check the background-clip entry for details on the way to clip a background color.

Sometimes, though a legitimate background image is ready, the colour will still show through if the background image isn’t totally opaque, like if you’re mistreatment a picture with fully-transparent areas (an image with Associate in Nursing alpha channel).

CSS Property background-color Value

  • <color>


A <color> value describes the uniform color of the background. Refer to the <color> entry for all possible values.

Desktop Browser Support

Mobile Browser Support


.class { 
    background-color: #000;
    color: blue;

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